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So clone the entire branch (checking disk space first): $ cd # Change to home directory $ df -k . git Cloning into 'linux'... Depending on your Internet throughput and your SD card, expect this operation to take a while (perhaps an hour or more). Start it and go outside or make yourself a coffee. Once the git repo has been downloaded, we can search for the specific kernel version of interest. The kernel version is coded in the top-level Makefile. Using git, we can look at the log of changes to the Makefile as follows (don’t omit the file name Makefile here).

24 D2 D1 D0 Chapter 3 ■ The Matrix (CPU Utilization) Intensity Command The MAX7219 can adjust its display intensity under software control. Table 3-4 illustrates the format of the intensity setting command, which affects the entire display. The intensity value can be a value from 0 (minimum brightness 0b0000) to 15 (full brightness 0b1111). If you plan to display one to three digits (rows) only, use this command to reduce the intensity to a low value. Table 3-4. MAX7219 Display Intensity Command D15 D14 D13 D12 D11 D10 D9 X X X X 0b1010 (0x0A) D8 D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 X X X X Intensity D1 D0 Scan-Limit Command The number of digits (rows) to be displayed by the device is configured through the scan-limit command shown in Table 3-5.

The argument and the option do not need to be separated by a space, however. The following is perfectly valid and equivalent: $ gp -g4 -o Sometimes options that take arguments can cause trouble. If you forget that option’s argument, the following option may be interpreted as its argument. This kind of error can be vexing as it leaves you wondering why the following option was ignored (it was interpreted as an argument instead). Look for this if a command appears to be ignoring an option. Options that don’t take arguments can be bunched together.

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