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In operating Cowboy, Margot Liberty and Barry Head current the oral historical past of Ray Holmes, a Wyoming cowboy born in 1911. Holmes has spent his existence on horseback, herding livestock and doing different paintings with cattle. because the time he rode his first horse, Holmes sought after not anything greater than to be a cowboy--though his father insisted he could by no means make a residing at it.

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He felt the first burning stretch and forced himself to relax, to keep breathing while Scott filled him. When he felt the man's hips pressed tight against his ass he moaned softly, wrapping a hand around his own cock. Scott thrust into him, slowly at first, short strokes that made him crazy. He hardly pulled out at all before sliding deep in again and Drew wanted more, wanted faster and harder. Scott was being stubborn again though, and flat out refused to pick up the pace, holding him in place by keeping his leg still.

Drew grinned up at him from where he was sprawled on the couch. " Scott snorted. " He held up his hands. "Yeah, I know. Last year I didn't even get any, and this year there'll be tears if I don't get two. " Scott smiled. "With you? " Drew pulled Scott down into his lap just as his pager went off. He took a quick look at it and said, "Shit. " 58 911 by Chris Owen Scott grabbed hold of his arm even as he was dumped onto the couch. " Drew looked at him. "Always," he said softly. Then he was gone.

He leaned back and moved his hands to Drew's shoulders, pulling down hard when he slid in, forcing Drew down onto his cock, harder and faster. "Oh Christ. Gonna come, Drew," he said hoarsely. Drew just gasped and jerked, his hand moving faster. He swept his thumb over the tip of his cock and shuddered, then he did it again. " Drew came hard, his ass grasping and clenching around Scott, his cock throbbing as he shot onto his stomach. The smell and the sight sent Scott over as much as the feeling of Drew coming around him.

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