By Michael Stanley

ISBN-10: 0061871613

ISBN-13: 9780061871610

Smashed cranium, snapped ribs, and a cloying scent of carrion. depart the physique for the hyenas to devour—no physique, no case.

But whilst Kalahari video game rangers hit upon a human corpse mid-meal, it seems the homicide wasn’t excellent in the end. adequate proof is left to indicate foul play. Detective David “Kubu” Bengu of the Botswana felony research division is assigned to the case.

Kubu’s character and body fit the moniker. His nickname is Setswana for hippopotamus—a probably docile creature, yet one of many deadliest at the continent. underneath Kubu’s friendly floor lies an analogous unwavering unravel that makes the hippopotamus so deceptively harmful. either will trample every thing of their route to achieve an goal. And starting with the suspicious carrion demise, the smart detective battles to solve the tangle of crime and corruption.

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Structurally and diegetically, the narrative searches almost obsessively for this causal beginning, the cause of the central character’s self-hatred and tragedy. This search is one without definitive completion. Indeed, the form and the content Introduction xxix of the story thrust readers outside of the text, to themselves, for an answer to the novel’s core question. Chapter 4 explores the circularity of Morrison’s Beloved, her attempts to signify the orality of African American culture, and the importance of narrative beginnings to this endeavor.

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