By Barwick S.G., Butler D.K.

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The significance of this liiile ebook is much better. i think, than one could anticipate from its modest measurement and unpretentious language. it really is, very easily, a ebook in regards to the loose society; approximately what could now-a-days be termed the ''policy implications'' for the sort of society within the behavior of either its inner and exterior affairs: and extremely specifically approximately many of the stumbling blocks and difficulties, even if actual or imagined, mendacity within the method of creating and preserving that kind of social association.

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The best type of position is on fairly high ground with the minimum amount of terrain screening. Ideally, the position should enable the weapon to engage aircraft approaching from any direction and it should have a minimum field of view of 3 kilometres. DEFENCE OF VITAL POINTS IN REAR AREAS 11. In forward areas in a defensive battle, AAAD weapons will normally have to be sited within the area they are defending. In rear areas, this may not be necessary. A better defence can be provided if weapons are outside the defended area at the ground range of aircraft weapon release, see Figure 3-3-3.

Rule Number 3 - Hovering Targets. Helicopters may, on occasion, hover to fire rockets, missiles and guns, or to dismount troops and supplies. In this case, they are engaged as a stationary ground target. Weapons should be aimed directly at the target, preferably at the cockpit or engine/transmission area, see Figure 3-4-5. The range at which the order for fire is given is dependent on the maximum range of the weapon. Under these circumstances, tank main armament and armour weapons can be used most effectively.

CHAPTER 3 ACTIVE ALL ARMS AIR DEFENCE MEASURES SECTION 1 GENERAL ROLE OF AAAD 1. The role of AAAD is to provide unit self-defence against attacking aircraft. This implies that the aircraft must present a direct threat to the unit. In any case, fire should not be opened on an aircraft until it is clear that it is attacking, or about to attack. See Chapter 4, Section 2, paragraphs 4 and 6. 2. The effectiveness of AAAD weapons is limited by the range of the weapon, the weight of the round of ammunition and the burn-out of any tracer ammunition used.

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A Characterisation of the Lines Externaltoan Oval Cone in PG(3,q), q Even by Barwick S.G., Butler D.K.

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