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G . g. Kurdu ka parnkami: 'The child runs,' While the English translations given for sentences or even 'The child can run . ' Lesson O n e 31 � � Listen to these Warlpiri sentences spoken on the tape and try to say them yourself: 1. Kurdu ka pamkami. The child is running. 2. Kurdu kulaka pamkami. The child is not running. 3. Kamta ka wangkami. The woman is speaking. 4. Kamta kulaka wangkami. The woman is not speaking. 5. Wati ka purlami. The man is shouting. 6. Wati kulaka purlami. The man is not shouting.

1 don't know what's standing in the water. ' DO N 'T KNOW' AND ' PERHAPS' ANSWERS The answers in sentences 42-46 use the particle karija which indicates that the speaker doesn't know the answer to the questions or doesn't wish to answer the question. Notice the difference between the replies in 42-44 with the particle mayi following the question word to express the idea 'I don't know who / what', and those in 45 and 46 in which the p article marda 'maybe, perhaps' follows the answer word. � Listen and repeat: 45.

Nyiya ka ngunami warlungka? Karija, kuyu marda ka ngunami warlungka. 56 Part Four Who is sitting on the stone? 1 don't know, perhaps the child is sitting on the stone. What's lying in the fire? 1 don't know, perhaps meat is lying in the fire. X)()OOOOO OoOOCX:lOCX)()(OC)oOOo()oOOIO(X)OC=2 F u rt h e r i nformation mayi is also used to ask a question about something in the way that +nya is in 27-29 at the bottom of page 51. An example of the question use of mayi is: (5) Ngurrju-mayi+npa? good-MAYI+YOU Are you OK?

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