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In operating Cowboy, Margot Liberty and Barry Head current the oral heritage of Ray Holmes, a Wyoming cowboy born in 1911. Holmes has spent his lifestyles on horseback, herding farm animals and doing different paintings with farm animals. because the time he rode his first horse, Holmes sought after not anything greater than to be a cowboy--though his father insisted he may by no means make a residing at it.

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And, when the ‘I’ is completely wiped away, you will reach that point—the point of having absolutely nothing. Only when the mind is purged of all influence, outward as well as inward, can it really think clearly, act freely, and have a feeling of tremendous affection. Otherwise you will be just a machine that is running on and on; a machine that is endlessly repeating itself. S: As a student I have to listen properly in class in order to understand the subjects taught. How am I to listen properly?

We kept this up for half an hour or more. By that time the snake was getting rather tired, and didn’t know what to do. Finally it began moving away again, but it kept its head and tail towards me, ready to coil and strike if I came too close. Then it very quietly disappeared in the underbrush. In the same way, watch every fear that arises within you. Whether it is fear of a snake, fear of your parents, fear of an older boy, fear of your teacher, or fear in any other form, do not run away from it, but observe it, question it, find out what that fear is.

When you touch a lizard, it gives you a rather unpleasant feeling. If you touch a toad, a frog, you will find that it is cold, slimy and, if you take hold of it in your hands and look at it, it will give you an extraordinarily unpleasant feeling. And if you have ever taken, in your hand, a bird that has been wounded and that just wants to escape, you would have felt its heart beating; everything in it would have been alive. To feel the movement of a tree, to hear the breeze in the morning among the leaves, to feel for those poor women going from the village to the town, day after day, in their dirty clothes—unwashed, never having a hot bath, never having clean clothes, never having a full meal, never being able to stop working—makes one very sensitive.

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