By Louise Chipley Slavicek

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They do not want much, and they get very little,” he declared. ” Lincoln also believed that his visits with private citizens helped him gauge public opinion on the war and other critical issues. q 6/19/03 11:11 PM Page 56 ABRAHAM LINCOLN The First Lady loved to wear expensive clothing and jewelry and had a fondness for costly furnishings. ” Although Lincoln’s relations with the northern masses were generally positive during the early months of his administration, his relations with his cabinet were less satisfactory.

Q 6/19/03 11:13 PM Page 44 ABRAHAM LINCOLN attacks, an exasperated Lincoln finally declared that he was not in favor of political equality for blacks — of “making voters . . ” A black man unquestionably had every bit as much right to enjoy the fruits of his labor as a white man did, Lincoln emphasized. In the end, because of an outdated system for apportioning seats in the Illinois legislature, Douglas kept his Senate seat, even though Republican candidates actually received more votes than Democratic ones.

As one listener recalled, “When Lincoln rose to speak, I was greatly disappointed. He was . . ” nor frightened from it by menaces of As Lincoln warmed to destruction to the Government nor of his subject, the audience dungeons to ourselves. ” the gawky man’s sincerity — With these words, Lincoln closed his address at the and passion: “[H]is face Cooper Union. In the speech, lighted up as with an he urged Republicans to stand up for their principles despite inward fire; the whole Southern accusations that their man was transfigured.

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