By Pamela Hill Nettleton

A short biography that highlights a few very important occasions within the lifetime of the guy who was once President through the Civil conflict.

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After two years, Poe had had enough. His commanding of ficer agreed to let Poe leave the army early only if he mended relations with John Allan. Allan let the commanding of ficer know he felt Poe was better off in the army. Poe’s personal letters to John Allan went unanswered. In his last letter , Poe tried to convince Allan that he should attend West Point. Although Poe at first wished to quit the military, the rigorous academic life at West Point might have appealed to him, as well as the prestige of attending the military school, which would have appealed to Poe’s vanity.

F our years after mo ving to Philadelphia, Virginia fell ill with tuberculosis. That same year , he quit or w as f ired from his job. He also made an important literary enemy, Rufus Griswold, the biographer who w ould slander Poe after his death. Se veral of Poe’ s triumphs still lay ahead of him, including “The Ra ven,” but he w ould never ag ain achieve the stability of his early years in Philadelphia. There is little biographical detail of Poe’ s time in New York, and by summer 1838, the family had settled in Philadelphia.

Allan sent enough to co ver his debts, plus one dollar. Quinn notes, “To a college where . . ” Allan invariably responded to Poe’s requests for money with a short temper, and Poe became increasingly despondent and bitter over his foster f ather’s behavior. His letters to Allan were, by turn, pleading, hopeful, accusatory, and hostile. ” At the end of Poe’ s first year of colle ge, Allan refused to pay for a second term. Upon returning to Richmond, Poe lasted just a few days before he and Allan had an e xplosive argument, fueled by grie vances dating back to the death of Jane Stannard.

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