By John M. Anderson and William H. Gwinn.

ISBN-10: 0585432899

ISBN-13: 9780585432892

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In the Spanish, however, this anonymous cleric becomes ‘un clérigo de buen entendimiento’ (105c), but one whose understanding is befuddled by sleep: ‘yazié dormitado’ (108a). It is not just the dramatic possibilities of the scene that catch Berceo’s eye, but the thematic ones as well. ’, he is partly motivated by anxiety over what other people might say: ‘Dime de ti mandado, / ca quando lo dissiero seráme demandado’ (108bc). Whatever his private experience and conviction, he knows he is going to be called to public account.

How this impinges upon the representation of the peasant will be seen in chapter 4, on the epic of Fernán González, but it is also relevant to Berceo’s miracle of the greedy peasant, discussed in chapter 1. As for the the fragmentation of sovereignty under feudalism, given its centrality to my analysis of the legends of both Fernán González and Alexander, it is worth quoting at length Perry Anderson’s summary. He writes: There was thus an inbuilt contradiction within feudalism, between its own rigorous tendency to a decomposition of sovereignty and the absolute exigencies of a final centre of authority in which a practical recomposition could occur.

This miracle performs some of the most basic moves of medieval discourses on peasantry, which, as Paul Freedman has shown (1999), was riven with contradictions. The very earthiness of the peasant rendered him both loathsome and closer to God; his spiritual salvation is predicated upon his economic servility. This story, then, illustrates the intersection of religious belief and secular power. The same is true of the legend of Theophilus (miracle 25), the oldest documented Marian miracle. Berceo’s version refocusses the inherited theme of ambition by dramatizing the conflict between the demands of apostolic humility and ecclesiastical authority.

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Adopting IT food program sponsor discovers it's no picnic by John M. Anderson and William H. Gwinn.

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