By Navin G. Ashar

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This e-book provides a whole, in-depth research for at the influence of liquid sulfur dioxide and liquid sulfur trioxide to hold out advanced and tough sulfonations, in addition to manufacture of sulfuric acid with a CAPEX requirement of lower than part, a space requirement below one-third, and no emission of sulfur dioxide. The approaches defined during this quantity represents an leading edge procedure suitable to the present production techniques of sulfuric acid, sulfamic acid, para toluene sulfonic acid and different sulfonated product.

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This cost can be reduced to the cost of sulphur by a novel process under development by NEAT. Interest on capital employed: The initial investment will cover plant and machinery, civil structures (including administration building, stores and maintenance shed), infrastructure for water treatment, storage tanks for products, storage yard for raw sulphur, road for internal movement, storm water drains, effluent treatment plant etc. The capital investment will thus depend on: (a) production capacity planned for each of the products for the present and the future; (b) the infrastructure required at present and for the future.

The crystals of crude Sulphamic acid are fed to a dissolver with heating arrangement. Dissolver is fed with DM water for makeup and recycled mother liquor. The solution of Sulphamic acid is fed to crystallizer section. The slurry of recrystallized Sulphamic Acid crystals are fed to a continuous centrifuge and flash drying system. The product is then packed and sent for dispatch. The main features of this process are 1. Absence of a chain of reactors fitted with chilling systems to prevent runaway reactions between oleum and urea.

The new process involved would be at low temperature and would not require any Sulphuric Acid for the sulphonation of toluene to produce Para Toluene Sulphonic Acid (PTSA). 1 A brief process flow chart is attached in the Fig. 1. 2 Raw Materials Required Raw Material Consumption/MT of the Product 1 2 Toluene Sulphuric Acid Cas no. G. 1007/978-3-319-22641-5_8 51 52 8 Impact on the Future Processes for the Manufacture of Chemicals Fig. 3 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. , Vertex Dyechem Corporation Applications and End Use • PTSA is comparable in strength to mineral acids such as Sulphuric Acid, but are especially suitable for organic reactions where an inorganic, mineral acid could cause charring, oxidation, or an unwanted chemical reaction.

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