By Silvia Anne Sheafer

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A chain that examines the lives of people that have had an immense effect at the heritage or present perform of faith. This quantity follows the lifetime of Aimee Semple McPherson, famed for her tent revivals in the USA.

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On the last day of the meeting, only one pastor remained. ” Suddenly, Aimee had been given the opportunity to preach her first sermon. ” 37 PREACHING THE GOSPEL For the next two years, Aimee worked by day and prayed by night. She wandered up and down the East Coast, spreading the Gospel. Beneath tattered tents or on street corners, she conducted her ministry. Sometimes her audience was only a handful of men, women, and boys. She prayed for more souls to save. A humble few were not sufficient. She believed Jesus wanted her to do more—that he was always urging her, “Preach the word!

Choruses of amens and hallelujahs punctuated her speeches. ” 46 When Sister Aimee first began to travel around the eastern part of the country evangelizing, she did not ask for regular church offerings. She was informed by a farmer after one revival that she wasn’t a traditional preacher. ” 47 The farmer then went into the audience. Holding out his straw hat, he joked and cajoled members of the congregation to give. The offerings were generous enough that, in 1918, Aimee Semple McPherson was able to purchase the so-called Gospel Car—a Packard.

They pointed out that, since Minnie had worked many years for the Army, it set a bad example for other people for her to allow Aimee to associate with Pentecostals. ” 24 A BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT Minnie scolded Aimee and insisted that she return to school and not visit the Pentecostal mission again. Aimee wanted to obey her mother, but one day, snow flurries were as heavy as her heart and she changed her mind. Her desire to be baptized in the Holy Spirit was too intense. Instead of going to school, and despite her mother’s forbidding, Aimee went back to the mission house.

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