By Carmella Van Vleet

ISBN-10: 1934670081

ISBN-13: 9781934670088

The far flung lands of the North and South Poles are tested during this revealing consultant, permitting kids to discover the coldest locations on the earth from the heat in their houses. From polar exploration and penguins to Inuit cultures and the tundra, easy but thorough causes are supplied for a number of Arctic and Antarctic themes whereas copious vocabulary notes and enjoyable factoids improve the cloth. greater than dozen interactive initiatives and experiments—ranging from making an Inuit boat, polar undergo paw prints, a version of a puppy igloo, nighttime rations, and snowshoes—provide young ones an opportunity to work out polar rules in motion, with no significant grownup involvement or fancy fabrics.

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For the most part, the bears are just hanging out, conserving energy until they can hunt again. Of course, being hungry can make anyone—or any bear—a bit cranky. Sometimes, this causes problems for the people who live in Churchill and for the thousands of tourists who visit each year to see the polar bears up close in specially designed buses. In order to protect both man and bear, trained officials patrol the areas 24 hours a day. There are even Polar Bear Alert signs around the edges of town!

Up to 90 percent of Then she returns to take her turn with Adelie penguins choose the eggs so the male can eat. Moms and the same mate each year. dads continue to take turns caring for the chicks until the eggs hatch in December. Like all birds, they feed their babies by regurgitating food into their mouths. Penguins eat mainly small fish and krell, a shrimp-like creature. When they are born, the chicks are covered in a soft fur called down. They grow feathers and get bigger very quickly. Within just a few weeks of hatching, they are almost adult-size.

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