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This is often China includes, briefly, every little thing we have to find out about 5,000 years of heritage, 30 years of starting, and a destiny that supplies to form the twenty first century for we all. Drawn from the significant assets of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China, this concise 120-page e-book is usually recommended for school room use, curriculum improvement, and pupil assessment.

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The A-B-C complex farthest south also had a third, much larger house, called B. The dwellings were built like those in Iceland, and the arrangement inside indicates they were erected in the eleventh century, which is when the sagas say Vikings explored North America. The eighth building, J, was built on the other side of the brook, close to the shore of Black Duck Creek. 34 American Archaeology Uncovers the Vikings An unusual characteristic of ong L e s r o N H o us es L’ Anse aux Meadows was the lack of barns and animal pens found on farms.

Stone tools called strikea-lights were used for starting Artifacts found include a spindle whorl (top left), a bone pin (top right), and a bone needle (bottom). fires. They were an important find at L’ Anse aux Meadows. The type of jasper stone used to make these tools came from Greenland. In the other two halls archaeologists found strike-a-lights made from a type of jasper found in Iceland. This suggested that there were three different groups from three different ships living on the site—one from Greenland living in the F-G complex and the others from Iceland in the other two complexes.

Weintraub, Aileen. Vikings Raiders and Explorers. New York: Scholastic Press, 2005. Wheatley, Abigail, Struan Reid, John Woodcock, Ian McNee. The Usborne Introduction to Archaeology: Internet Linked. Tulsa, OK: EDC Publishing, 2005. html Learn about the Vikings, Vinland, L’ Anse aux Meadows, and other Viking mysteries. edu/vikings This site covers the Smithsonian exhibit that toured in the year 2000, the anniversary of the Vikings’ exploration and settlement in America. The site takes you from room to room of the exhibits and shows Viking artifacts.

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