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Anim Genet 29:408–409 (1998a). Eggen A, Solinas-Toldo S, Fries R: A cosmid specific for sequences encoding a microtubule-associated protein, MAP1B, contains a polymorphic microsatellite and maps to bovine chromosome 20q14. J Hered 89:359–363 (1998b). Eggen A, Gautier M, Billaut A, Petit E, Hayes H, Laurent P, Urban C, Pfister-Genskow M, Eilertsen K, Bishop MD: Construction and characterization of a new bovine BAC library with four genome-equivalent coverage. Genet Sel Evol 33:543–548 (2001). Fidlerova H, Senger G, Kost M, Sanseau P, Sheer D: Two simple procedures for releasing chromatin from routinely fixed cells for fluorescence in situ hybridization: Cytogenet Cell Genet 65:203–205 (1994).

The three genes were investigated for polymorphisms that might be associated with breeding values for milk fat percentage in the dairy breeds German Holstein, German Simmental and German Brown. All the detected polymorphisms were located outside exons or, with one exception, were silent. In MOGAT1, a mis- sense mutation in exon 4 was found that causes a non-conservative substitution of cysteine170 (uncharged, hydrophobic) by lysine (positively charged, hydrophilic). However, allele frequency estimates from pooled DNA samples revealed no significant association of the observed polymorphisms with breeding values for milk fat percentage.

Han CS, Sutherland RD, Jewett PB, Campbell ML, Meincke LJ, Tesmer JG, Mundt MO, Fawcett JJ, Kim U-J, Deaven LL, Doggett NA: Construction of a BAC contig map of chromosome 16q by twodimensional overgo hybridization. Genome Res 10:714–721 (2000). 38 Kappes SM, Keele JW, Stone RT, McGraw RA, Sonstegard TS, Smith TP, Lopes-Corrales NL, Beattie CW: A second-generation linkage map of the bovine genome. Genome Res 7:235–249 (1997). Kneeland J, Li C, Basarab J, Snelling W, Benkel B, Murdoch B, Moore SS: Identification and fine mapping of QTL for growth traits on bovine chromosomes 2, 6, 14, 19, 21 and 23 within one commercial line of Bos taurus.

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